Friday, August 7, 2009

Freelance Jobs Available/ Authors publish your books

Hey all, I have knowledge of a new POD publishing company that is starting up. It is being founded by Joe Paquette (published writer), Me(published writer) and our mutual friend, Justin. We are looking for freelance graphic designers (for book covers), freelance artists (for book covers) and freelance editors. All you need to do is send me an email at as a contact point right now. The new POD Publishing Company is Outerlimits Publishing. We need two samples of your artwork or graphic work in .jpg, a cover letter as to why we should add you too our "pool" of freelance artists or graphic artists, a CV and fee scale and the type of work you do or interested in designing. For editors, we need a cover letter, CV and fee scale and type of genre you would be interested in editing. We will send editors a sample to edit.

Your queries will be brought together and the three of us will pick between 5-10 editors and freelance graphic designers/artists. This is freelance work and is not full-time work as of yet (project to project).

Writers/authors interested in us checking out your manuscript for publishing: we accept poetry, mystery, biographies, paranormal, western, psychological thrillers, scifi/fantasy, how to's, historical romance, and chick lit to name a few. We DO NOT at this time take porn, comic books (in house comics only at this time) or cookbooks. If you are interested in us possibly publishing your work, email me ( with a query, summary of book, tell me if it is finished or not, and the first 10 pages.

We are in the middle of getting our website up and running. We are also working on different packages to assist in the publishing of your books, we may offer ebooks. So, let me know if you are interested in ebook, print book or both. However, you can always withdraw your manuscript at any time without signing a contract. If we accept your work (before we get the website online) we will email you with our packages.

Thank you and you may repost this anywhere.

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