Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last chance to register for 2 webinars

LAST CHANCE to register for 2 great webinars – both happening this week!
Instant Publishing Models: Get Visible & Get Noticed by Agents/Editors
How New Publishing Models and Community Models Further Your Career
Presented by Jane Friedman
75 minutes, $79
Live Event: Tuesday, September 22

Get a live time tour of how community sites and free digital publishing services can help you get published, or make your published work more successful. Also learn how you can instantly make your e-book for sale on Amazon, when to make your content free (and when to charge), and how to decide when it's time for traditional or print publishing options.

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3 Secrets to Selling Your Nonfiction Book
Presented by Jane Friedman
60 minutes, $99
Live Event: Thursday, September 24

Do you know the one golden rule of nonfiction book ideas? In this exclusive webinar, learn the difference between a nonfiction book concept that gets an immediate, enthusiastic response from an editor or agent – and one that gets no response at all. Make sure that your proposal and concept sizzle!
Save $20! Enter coupon code xf4bv3v3l6 when you register!

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