Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writing pays off

Sorry everyone that I have missed a few days blogging here. I have been busy writing for the examiner. I have had so much happen over the past few days. I have been invited to a tele-summit on June 30, 2009. It is a scheduled time where people that have signed up call into a phone number to hear interviews and seminar information. I was invited personally by Kimmoy the Curvy Coach. The first call will be on fashion blogging. There is still a couple of seats left to log in. If one of you are into fashion, preferably plus-size fashion in any way (ie. designer, fashion writer, fashion media), email me or comment here and I can give you the information to sign up. It is free. You can see more information on my Manchester Examiner page, or email me at

Oh, also, is sending me a $150.00 outfit to do a product review on. It is currently in the mail. So, stay tuned for me to give a link where you can all read my opinion of their clothing. I actually can not wait. They picked an outfit that I had fallen in love with when I viewed the site. It was like they read my mind. Cool!

I have also been flooded by plus-size fashion sites wanting me to do site reviews. This is such an honor to be recognized this way. The Manchester Examiner has helped me break into plus size fashions, a topic that I have always wanted to break into. The feed back has been incredible. I say again, if you are interested, jump over to and see if there is a topic that you can apply for and by all means use me as a reference, April Godbout.

I have been sleeping so well lately. I thank all that have been concerned and the prayers that I have been emailed. It is touching. I appreciate it. I am hoping that if things keep going like they are, I might be able to go full-time and strickly full-time again as a writer.

I want to just bring to you writers to just keep going. Keep writing and do not give up on your dreams. Dreams CAN be a reality as long as you keep pushing it. It has been so amazing in the last two months. So many doors have opened for me.

Now, I am going out to you all for a question. I have been looking for a really good plus size or just a regular fashion magazine. I want to know what your favorites are? At this time I can only subscribe to one as I am already subscribed to The Writer and Writers Digest. My budget only allows so much. Although, you know you can use your writer magazines as a tax deduction. Check it out when tax time comes. Anyways, comment to this blog with your favorites. I would appreciate it.

I did go and buy an Alphasmart word processor on Ebay recently - $59.00 and brand new. It is in the middle of being shipped to me right now. I wanted to bring something other than my laptop to the beach this weekend. I do not want to get sand in my keyboard.

Remember, I am going to Maine. Woohoo! I really need to look at four different walls. These are starting to close in on me and my creativity. I know it is only for the weekend, but hey, you gotta take what you can get. I will have time to blog at night and I will let you know about the sites I see. Please pray for sun, NOT RAIN! lol! I am hoping to catch some fashion do nots on this trip to the beach. If I get some really good ones I'll load them on here and you all can get a good look.

Anyways, I want to know what you have been up too. Please drop me a line or comment here. I love good, bad or indifferent news. Remember also, if you have published recently, let me know that also. Make sure you let me know a link or a way I can check it out. Everyone likes to hear others doing well or if we can help someone get back on track.

Well, I am off. I have been working all day and have not spent much time with my hubby or the boys. Remember read, write and be merry.

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