Saturday, June 20, 2009

Writing - stolen moments

A writer friend of mine asked me, "With a full-time job, how do you find time to write?" My answer was that you need to make time. I write on my days off, if I have trouble sleeping and when my children are occupied. No matter what, I try to write something everyday. Even though today is my anniversary, I am here writing something. It is essential to keep going.

Some writers schedule time to write. They have a room or closet they call their office - they close the door to the outside world and they write. Some wait for the kids to go to bed and others are fortunate to be full-time writers. No matter what type of writer you are, write. You can actually write a novel in a year if you sit down and actively write for 20 minutes a day. Yes, 20 minutes a day. You read right.

Work on something, anything, but just write. There are days that I only have time to blog on two of my blogs. Then, I just write on two of my blogs. I am going to be facing this next weekend as I am going to Maine. I am bringing my laptop. Why? Why are you bringing your laptop on vacation? Because at the end of the day, when it is time to relax and the kids go to bed - I will need to view my emails, check out sites that I have been contracted to write for and write something. I have been asked by the motel that I am staying at to write a review of the motel. So, there you have it. I will be also working on my review. They would like it before I leave on Sunday morning. I have a deadline that must be met.

My middle son also has been asked for a summer assignment to write a travel log and a vacation essay on his trip to Maine. At 8 years old, I believe it is me that will be doing the actual putting together of this assignment.

It is essential that even if you do not have deadlines that you make up deadlines. A life of a writer is to adhere to deadlines whether you like it or not. I do not care if you write articles, books or short stories. You will have deadlines to finish your product, to submit the product, to have it sent back for finalization and then a deadline for the final submission.

If you do not have deadlines in your writing now, make them up and adhere to them. Get used to the stress and pressure, but believe you me - you will always make your deadlines. It is just the way of life.

Well, my husband caught me writing on our anniversary - so I will be ending this blog to get back to him. Remember to read, write and be merry.

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