Monday, July 27, 2009

Writer's Digest Classes

New! Essentials of Writing Personal Essays II: Advanced
Write better personal essays with this new course! We will tackle the practical and philisophical questions of writing personal essays, while practicing writing a new essay each week. Seats are limited for this exciting new course. Course begins August 6. Register today!

Also Starting in August:
Fundamentals of Fiction Writing
Develop effective creative writing techniques that can be applied to any long or short fiction form. Learn how to develop believable characters, set the stage, and make readers feel as if they are right there with your characters. Course begins August 6. Register today!
Essentials of Business Writing
Enhance effective writing skills for producing business documents (such as reports, memos, letters, and meeting minutes) that have clarity and impact. Includes tips to overcome mental blocks and avoid common grammar and punctuation mistakes. Course begins August 6. Register now!

Focus on the Personal/Family Memoir
The story of your own or your family's history is likely to be the most personal, emotionally satisfying, and potentially overwhelming writing project you'll ever undertake. Gain an understanding of the various approaches to personal/family memoir writing. Course begins August 6. Register now!

Elements of Effective Writing I: Grammar and Mechanics
Learn the principles of grammar and reinforce them with numerous examples. Apply grammar skills through practical writing assignments. Course begins August 6. Register now!
Advanced Novel Writing Workshop
Take your in-progress novel to the next step. Write and revise 200 pages of your novel manuscript, and provide critique and criticism for classmates. Course begins August 13. Register now!
Focus on the Novel
Work with a published novelist to develop an idea suitable for a novel. Develop a working outline for your entire novel, then write and revise the opening chapters. Course begins August 13. Register now!

Creativity and Expression
Beyond the basics of good writing lie the more creative elements—skills that, once mastered, elevate the craft of writing to the art of writing. Take your creative writing to the next level—no matter what kind of writing you do. Course begins August 13. Register now!

Marketing Your Magazine Articles
Broaden your outlook and possible sales to a variety of magazines by learning how to define a magazine's readership, goals, and style. Also learn about manuscript format (both print and e-mail); what to expect from a contract, including negotiation; and what rights to sell, including reprints and electronic rights. Course begins August 13. Register now!

Register today for any course starting in August, and use offer code AUG09 to activate your $25 coupon!

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