Thursday, July 23, 2009

Writers news and Submissions Wanted

Lulu Poetry
We are pleased to bring you a new poetry site: Lulu Poetry, Lulu Poetry is about winning prizes and recognition for your poems, creating and selling beautiful books of your poetry, and learning tips and tricks from other enthusiastic poets just like you. Whether you write poems for your own enjoyment or to entertain and educate others, Lulu Poetry is for you. We'll be handing out prizes to poems selected as winners by the hundreds and thousands of poets who are part of the poetry community. When you win we'll send you a certificate for you to print and hang on your wall to remind everyone of your accomplishment - along with a cash prize.

Release Announcement:
Award-winning authors Dave & Lillian Brummet are proud and excited to announce that the 2nd edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd is now available: Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd is a reference guide for self-marketing authors who want to be noticed in a snowstorm of writers. With nineteen chapters and twenty-five appendices, this e-book is a means for authors to design an effective marketing plan and utilize frugal promotional tools with the click of their mouse. The e-book also offers over 900 resources that will accelerate your marketing efforts far beyond your peers. As a reassuring marketing plan guide, it contains ample advice for avoiding pit-falls and setting a pace for marketing endeavors. The first edition of this e-book was originally released in June 2007 and since then has made the recommended reading lists of more than a dozen writing courses. The new edition offered the Brummets the opportunity to double check the website address for all the resources that were offered in the first edition along with new information the Brummets have learned in the last two years, with the additional bonus of hundreds of new resources. Publicists and authors of most genres will find this inspiring book an essential component for developing an effective, frugal marketing plan. Announcements are available at: Help the authors, who donate 30% of the royalties they receive from book sales, raise funds for the SPCA, the Canadian Wildlife Federation and the Seeds of Diversity Organization simply by purchasing your very own copy for only $10 today: Announces Free Self-Publishing Service
UniBook has launched a revised website that allows authors to write and publish their own books without any listing or start-up costs. Authors retain ownership of their copyrights and earn money on the sale of each book sold on the website. About UniBook: UniBook is a brand name of Peleman Industries Inc. UniBook caters to the self-publishing needs of writers, businesses and government agencies, and is currently available in 10 languages servicing Europe, North America and Asia. For more information, visit

9-1-1 Magazine
PAY: $.10 - $.20/word
The magazine for the public safety communications industry. Serving law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and disaster management, 9-1-1 Magazine provides valuable information to readers in all aspects of the public safety communications and response community. Each issue contains a blending of product-related, technical, operational, and people-oriented stories, covering the skills, training, and equipment which these professions all share in common. We run stories on provocative issues and cover major incidents from both a responder and a communications standpoint.

* Nuts & Volts
PAY: $100 - $450
Nuts & Volts is the leading magazine for those seriously interested in electronics. There now remain only a handful of magazines written for the electronics community with Nuts & Volts being the highest readership, longest running electronics publication left in the US today. And we still have readers and advertisers that have been with us since the early 80s. Nuts & Volts is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. The diversity of subjects appeals to all levels of experience and spans such topics as amateur robotics, circuit design, lasers, computer control, home automation, data acquisition, new technology, DIY projects, electronic theory, analog, and myriad microcontrollers.

* Northern Home & Cottage
PAY: $200 - $700
When shaping an article for us, consider first that it must be strongly rooted in our region. The lack of this foundation element is one of the biggest reasons for our rejecting material. If you send us a piece about peaches, even if it does an admirable job of relaying the history of peaches, their medicinal qualities, their nutritional magnificence and so on, we are likely to reject it if it doesn't include local farms as a reference point. We want features to have entry points. As we use it, the term includes sidebars and extended captions designed to bring in a reader not enticed by the main subject. Using peaches again as an example, if we wanted 2,500 words, perhaps 1,800 words would be devoted to the main body, 300 words would cover U-Pick places; 250 words would cover the technicalities of peach processing and 150 words would be devoted to a recipe.

* German Life
PAY: $80 - $500
A bimonthly magazine, written for all interested in the diversity of German culture, past and present, and in the various ways that the United States has been shaped by its German element. The magazine is dedicated to solid reporting on cultural and historical events as well as travel information.

* Family Tree Magazine
PAY: pays on acceptance
A special-interest consumer magazine that helps readers discover, preserve and celebrate their family's history. We cover genealogy, ethnic heritage, personal history, genealogy Web sites and software, scrapbooking, photography and photo preservation, and other ways that families connect with their past. Articles are beginner-friendly, but never talk down to the audience. Readers may be experts in one area of our coverage, yet novices in another. We emphasize sidebars, tips and other reader-friendly "packaging," and each article aims to provide the resources necessary to take the next step in the quest for one's personal past.

* Discovering Family History
PAY: $55+
Based in Toronto, Canada. We anticipate that over 90 percent of the circulation will be in the US with the balance in Canada. The vast majority of articles are written by freelancers. We have no restrictions on who may submit articles. We are quite open to authors who have never had anything published but if you are in this category be aware that we have a "core" of great writers who are knowledgeable, reliable and above all submit interesting and highly readable material: you have to be at least as good as these people to get your work accepted. The good news is that every year 3-4 new authors do meet our high standards and become regular submitters.

* ARISE Foundation - Stories about Anger
PAY: $25
A not-for-profit organization ( that educates high-risk youth and gives them the tools they need to stay out of the adult prison system and grow into productive, successful individuals. ARISE is currently looking for short, memorable stories about anger. Stories should be realistic and contain valuable lessons that inform youth about the dangers of letting anger run their lives. Positive messages and endings that inspire hope are encouraged. ARISE is not interested in stories that contain profanity and descriptions of violent, illegal, or sexually explicit acts. The youth who will be reading these stories are, for the most part, incarcerated and read at a third- to fourth-grade level. Stories must be easy to read and understand, but also compelling enough to capture the youths’ attention. People interested in writing for ARISE should have:
- Excellent creative writing and editing skills
- Ability to write clear, memorable stories
- Ability to provide 3–5 stories (approx. 250 words each) per week
- Ability to work independently
- Access to a computer with Microsoft Word (knowledge of Adobe InDesign is a plus)
Plagiarism of copyrighted material is strictly forbidden. ARISE will pay 25 USD per story accepted for publication. Please provide a sample of your writing (approx. 250 words) based on ONE of the following topics:
1. A boy is suspended from school for beating up a classmate.
2. A young adult is released from prison and faces many frustrations trying to get his life back on track.
3. A teenage girl’s parents have just divorced. Her mother takes off and she is forced to live with her father, whom she feels is to blame for the divorce.
Email your writing sample to
- Write “Anger story sample” as the subject of your email.
- Paste your writing sample IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL. No attachments, please!
- Include your name and contact infor

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