Friday, August 14, 2009

Writer classes

Learn the Craft of Storytelling!

Join us on August 25th for our latest webinar:
Crafting a Narrative Essay: How to Apply Elements of Fiction to Your Nonfiction Story

A narrative essay is a story. And whether that story is a retelling of true events or born of your imagination, the same writing fundamentals apply. In this comprehensive online seminar, the editors of the bestselling Cup of Comfort series will demonstrate how to apply elements of fiction writing to create successful nonfiction stories. These elements include:

Dialogue: Strong dialogue can enhance the effectiveness of your message and reinforce your characters' credibility. Our editors will discuss common flaws and fixes!

Pacing: The right tempo is key to keeping your story on track and your message effective. We'll teach you to know the right pace!

Crafting powerful scenes: Our editors will instruct you on how to create effectual scenes to maximize your story's emotional impact.

Character Development: If readers don't care about your characters, they don't care about your story. We'll help you create characters that leap off the page and into your reader's heart—with just a few lines!

Setting: What's said is important. But where it's said matters too! Our editors will discuss techniques to make your locations come alive!

Structure: You've got a lot to say. We'll help you refine your focus and create a story that flows.

Q&A: Our editors will answer any question you may have following the presentation.

Don't miss the opportunity to refine your writing techniques!

Date: Tuesday, August 25th
Time: 1:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Cost: $49.95

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