Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Post

Hey all, I realize it has been a little bit since I blogged. I have been hard at work on a couple of new projects. Not much going on about my actual writing though. I have been inspired by a friend to finish a long needed short story that I have been working on and off for about six months. He is trying to get me to push it a bit and make it into a book. I actually might do it.

Anyways... I came across a really great blog called Authors Promoting Authors. It is a blog run by a woman named Tina-Sue. Look for it on blogspot.com. It is really worth joining. I mostly follow it on Facebook. She really works hard on assisting writers/authors in promoting their work. Other writers that have joined her also assist in blogging about your work and the work of all writers. Jump over and check it out. Well worth the time - truely.

I will be returning to school soon. I have a couple of things to finish. What? Well, I have my psychology degree to finish and I want to take a couple of courses on fashion design. I have a publishing company trying to come to the surface with a couple of writer buddies and I have a much needed ebook that I am trying to get together on abuse and living with it or not, trying to ... no... screaming to get written.

I just got a promotion on my J.O.B. this past week. My hours seemed to have gotten longer and soon my schedule will be changing. I am still trying to get back to full-time freelance. I thought I was almost there, but I had to slow down. My older sister just got diagnosed with COPD and pnemonia. She is only 44. Please feel free to pray for her or keep her in mind with well wishes. So, she has been in my thoughts and prayers lately as well as her family.

Well, I am going to be off for the night. I hope to work on my blogs and some much needed writing tomorrow. I had a resident that I was very close to pass away today. It was hard as it was not expected. I need to take the rest of the evening and mourn for her passing. I did not have a change to sit and think about her today as there was many other residents that needed my attention. It was hard doing her end of life cares. Luckily, a very good LNA buddy assisted me. I thank her, thanks Kim.

Off I go. Remember to read, write and be merry. Oh, do not forget to tell your loved ones that you love them. Sleep well tonight.

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