Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Writer life - wow

Hey all, long time no read? Okay, bad joke. LOL! Anyways, there has been some busy time for this writer since we last talked. I have had to fulfill a few long article contracts along with my usual J.O.B. I am back, full swing again. I would like to post here for any of my readers in New Hampshire, actually any writer near the state capital of Concord. There is a new writer's group forming at a bookstore, Liberty Books and Comics at 75 Allison St. I went to the first meeting and it seems like it might take off actually. The owner of the bookstore, Jim Dodson, was present and the Joe Paquette, a friend from my usual J.O.B., gathered a few of us writers together. We spend an hour getting to know each other and talking about our passion of writing. We also talked about support and what each other's strengths are when it comes to writing. I actually lost track of time. The meeting was only suppose to be an hour which Joe was great about keeping it moving along and on track. We all decided to meet again, in a month. Also, Joe and Jim wanted to open this up to more writers in the area. They will be advertising this writers group, however, if anyone in the area wants to catch up with this group - the next meeting is August 25, between 6 and 7 PM. No RSVP is required, just show up. I already know of several more people that will be making an attendance for the next meeting. If nothing else, you can network with other writers or just browse the shelves of the store.

Now, I am going to try and get back into blogging more. I have been busy writing, working and finding time with the family. I have bought a few electronic fun toys that I want to review on this site as well as  - I am in the market for a new laptop. You will be getting some reviews on these and more gadgets for writers. I also am compiling some sources for publishing your article, looking for jobs and book publishing. My plan is to review some and have you let me know how things are going with your current publisher. I also welcome book reviewers, ads and websites where many of you are listed. I will publish any links to your work or personal website. Just drop me a line.

Well, I am off. I have some things to do as this is my day off from my J.O.B., but not from writing. :)

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