Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good morning all

Today is probably one of the best days for me to write. Why? It is raining. Simple as that - rain. I do not have the sun distracting me and the snow depresses me, but the rain relaxes me.

I just finished posting a hub to and after posting to this blog I will be finishing an article on wedding and formal wear for the So, jump on over before the day ends and let me know what you think of both of my articles.

I can say one thing, the gomezpeer I was talking about yesterday, waste of time. I have been surfing the Internet for a total of 900 minutes and they want to pay me $0.02. That is all, just 2 cents. You all out there, unless you can give me some real big figures if you are using this program do not bother wasting your time downloading this baby. One place I have noticed really works for me is the I have a rating of a 9.43 out of 10 right now. And if you pay them a one time fee of $50.00 (I have not yet) you can earn money off of referrals and hits to your site. I have increased my hits by at least triple. They email me when someone searches a category that matches mine and clicks my blog, they email me when someone reviews my site and they email me pretty much when there is activity at all on my blog. Well, worth anything they want. They are really great to work with and very easy to use. I definately recommend them.

Well, I guess it is time I get off my soapbox. I have another article to write. I hope this blog finds you well. Remember to read, write and be merry.

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