Monday, June 8, 2009

Linking makes a difference

I just doubled my google adsense in one day. How? I started linking all my sites to each other. This has made such a difference it is incredible. If you have not taken the time to do this... stop what you are doing and get moving on linking.

Now, it was a long day today at work. I can not wait until wed and thurs. because they are my days off and I will be spending the whole day writing. I just received a check in the mail which lifted a $$ burden this week. I was getting a bit nervous. Now, I am calm and relaxed.

I received my new The Writer magazine in the mail. There is a must read article on page 28 of the July 2009 issue. The title is Freelancing through tough times. A must read. I have been purchasing my copies at Borders. I decided to just pay the price of a subscription and just received the free Get Published magazine that The Writer puts out. If you are interested in getting The Writer, go to or jump over to and get it.

In The Writer same issue there is also another good article on page 33, Make an extra $1,000 a month. Hey, we could all use a couple of bucks. I was just viewing the Get Published extra from The Writer and it gave me some ideas and renewed some thoughts of when I was a freelance writer for five years. These tips are so true.
Here are the tips right out of the Get Published extra from The Writer:
  • Network
  • Learn to work under pressure
  • Build a portfolio
  • Read something everyday
  • Writer something every day (hence why I blog)
  • Make friends with writers
  • Turn in a clean copy
  • Study the publication before submitting
  • Find a mentor
  • Stay on case

I do not want to sound corny, but I have to agree with this... I was able to be a full time freelance writer for five years using these simple rules. Unfortunately, a sudden traumatic experience dragged me kicking and screaming from what I love the most. However, three years in sabbatical and now being able to get back out into the world (which I spent the last three years as a License Nursing Assistant to pay the bills) I am working my way back to do just what I did three years ago. It is my hope and dream to become a full time freelance writer again. Pray for me. LOL!

Well, enough of this boo hoo to the past. Please keep writing and reading. :) Have a good night.


  1. I'm also on hub pages. HP is a good networking/social site but will take several months before it begins to pay off once your articles are picked up by google search.
    I look forward to following you and by the sound of it we live in neighboring states!
    Will follow you on HP too.

  2. Linking is always the way to go...excellent post.

  3. Thank you, Margaret and A.J.Johnson for your comments. I appreciate it.