Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making money writing for the

Good morning all. I have to say one of the most rewarding things to a writer is getting paid. All that stress of writing, searching, rewriting, checking and then submitting your work can really get to you. But, when that check or direct deposit comes, all that work is worth every penny and sometimes it is just pennies.

I have been doing very well at They have been very generous with me and, as I have found, with other writers as well. The is currently hiring in many new cities. I have a link to an article I wrote for listing the cities that they are now hiring.(
Also, check your own cities or the cities close to you to see if there are still openings. It is well worth your time applying. They have so many tutorials and you are assigned a manager and assistant manager to assist you on your adventure writing for them.

I had not told my husband that I had applied to until after I was hired. He had told me he had actually added the eXaminer to his favorites and do read the articles there frequently. This was nice to know that they had a great rep before I started writing for them. I have found several excellent writers on various writing sites that currently write for eXaminer. There was not one that had anything bad to say. So, check out my article, check out, fill out the application and get your writing career back on track.

I hope this blog continues to help you on your way. Remember to read, write and be merry.

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