Friday, June 5, 2009

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Well, I was able to finally sit down today and together another article for If anyone is interested in viewing it, I put a link at the bottom of this page - just click on and you can view my new article and any future articles for this month as I will be writing at least three more this week.

My insomnia... still got it. I just went to Walgreen's today and hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight. Ill let you know if what I picked up worked. Maybe it will work for others. Anyways...

I had a horrible morning, but after I visited my mother this afternoon, all seems well with the world. I paid her for my share of our townhouse we rented in Maine for the June 26th through June 28th weekend. Do not worry! I am taking my laptop and my sprint wireless adapter - I'll write you all about it. I really need a mini vacation. In this recession, a weekend is all I can affoqurd. Oh, do not worry, I will be adding pictures of our mini vacation for you to all make comments on and see how weird my family is - well, I am too. LOL!

I see that I have some visitors. Feel free to make comments and let me know if I am boring you. LOL! If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them through the blog. :)

Tomorrow is a 4:30 AM morning. Working weekends definately puts a damper on my relaxations. Oh, well. I guess I have to pay bills. I dont know, something about needing to pay the rent or I cant stay here. Go figure. LOL!

Well, I am off for the evening. I hope to make longer blogs as I get used to doing this type of thing. I do hope some are getting something out of this... Night all.

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