Sunday, July 5, 2009

The new The Writer Magazine

The new the Writer magazine for August 2009 just arrived at my door. For those of you wanting to know the in's and out's of your first novel, there is a great article on page 28. Those of you that love gadgets like me... the article on High-Tech Tools for Writers on page 33 is an eye opening article. If you are a veteran writer like me, remember the days of a portable tape recorder, camera, notebook, pencil, datebook or scheduler and a large briefcase was what you brought to be able to do an interview? Well, with technology today, all I need is my cellphone, my laptop (and I do not always need this one) and a scheduled date with my interviewee is all I need today. Life has really gotten easy for writers. If you do not receive the Writer, it is definitely one of my favorite magazines for over thirteen years.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend. I did not do much writing, I hope you all did. Reading page 38 of the Writer reminds me of something all writers need to do, social networking. It is essential in any business, but I think it is so important with freelance writing or if you plan on writing a book. There are so many places to social network:
Mediabistro's social meetings
and many, many more.

It is so important to get out to the world of the business you run. Yes, writing is a business. Even if you write as a hobby. If you ever plan on getting published in any manner, social networking is essential. I really do not know how to emphasize this more.

Thank you, remember to read, write and be merry.

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